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Free ways to drive website traffic 2021 - #3

Free ways to drive website traffic 2021 - #3

This is the third installment in the series of how you can increase your website traffic for free.  Last week we talked about timeless content and the importance of creating content that is sticky and will last.  This week we will dive in a little more to talk about how google search can increase website traffic and a few pro tips for optimization.  Review blog #1 in this series for some of the basics.

Google Search Console

Register your site with Google Search Console.  Google Search Console is a free service from Google that allows you to submit your website and its sitemap to Google for indexing.  Doing this tells Google that your site exists which is important to show up in search results.  You do not want your site to be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

You can use this  free guide to optimising your site for Google search for more info.

How We Can Find the Needle in a Haystack, Together | Hacker Noon

When you are just starting out it is important to register your business with Google My Business  this can help you show up in “near me” searches and geographical searches when you show up on google maps you attract more customers from your area.

Some Pro Tips 

  • make sure your file sizes for your images is as small as possible.  You can compress them.  Search "compress images for web" to find one that works for you.  Each one will have different features and depending on your technical skills you may want to chose one over the other.
  • Check your website speed with free tools you can find online.  
  • Clean up your URLs
    - Always use short URLs that contain your focus keywords.
    - Break up your URLs with punctuation when needed to make                              keywords more obvious to both Google and users                                                (e.g. is better                                                     than
    - Use hyphens rather than underscores to show spaces (e.g.                     is better than                                           

Keep it fresh! 

Content freshness is an SEO pro-tip to drive traffic to your website in a meaningful way. Remove outdated content, update it, re-imagine it from your webpage and add new pieces to keep your content relevant. It is a  quick touch-up, dusting off old webpage content and making it look new again.

Trina Plamondon is the founder of Oh Canada Market, an online marketplace for small, family-owned Canadian businesses. Each week she provides creative solutions that help small business owners increase brand awareness and develop growth.



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