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How Do I Get Started?

  • Sign up for a membership and we will contact you to get your information to get you started.
    Do I Get My Own Store Front?
      • We give you "shelf space" in our marketplace. Using the images you provide us we "stock" our online marketplace.  Your business name will be on your products and there will be a link to your social and/or website.

      How Many Products Can I Sell?

        • There is no limit to the number of products you can sell.  
        How Much Does it Cost to Sell in Oh Canada Market?
          • For the monthly membership, we charge a flat rate fee.  This fee includes your listing, advertising, and support of a multi-disciplinary team (SEO, content creation etc.,) .  The only fee is for standard payment processing. (3.0% + 0.30 cents)  You can pay for the year, monthly or use the free to list.  It costs less than one weekend at a brick & mortar event!

          Can Vendors Sell their products outside of Canada?

          • Yes, shipping will not be included for orders outside Canada an additional shipping fee will be required.
            How Do I Receive Orders ?
            • Each time you sell a product from our marketplace, you will receive an email with your order and delivery instructions.
            • It is important to ensure that your stock status is accurate.  You will be charge a re-stocking fee if a customer purchases your product and you are not able to fulfill the order. 

            How Do I Ship My Products?

            • When you sell your product on our site we email you the order and a shipping label.
            • You apply the shipping label to your package and either bring to Canada Post or place in a Canada Post letterbox.
            • Your package will be tracked and your customer will receive updates on its shipping status.
            • If your product does does not fit in one of the shipping options provided, custom shipping will be required.
            Is There a Fee for Shipping?
            • Shipping is included in Canada.  The final product price includes a flat rate fee for shipping and your product price.
            • No additional shipping fees are charged at check out for Canadian orders.
            Shipping Information Canada Post
            • Envelope

              Must fit through the 20 mm slot. If it can not slide through the 20 mm slot it will be sent back.  

              Bubble Mailer

              Must fit through the 20 mm slot. If it can not slide through the 20 mm slot it will be sent back. 

              Small Box

              Length - 28.6 cm (11.25 Inches) X Width -  22.9 cm (9 inches) X Height 6.4 cm   ( 2.5 Inches)

              Max weight 2 Kg (4.4 lbs)

              Medium Box

              Length - 31.1 cm (12.25 Inches) X Width -  23.5 cm (9.25 inches) X Height 13.3 cm ( 5.25 Inches)

              Max weight: 4 kg (8.8 lbs)

            What Happens if My Product is Damaged During Shipping?

            • We request a picture of the damage and file a claim with our shipping provider.  


            How Do I Receive Payment?
            • Once the customer receives your order, you will be paid via e-transfer.

            Product Guidelines

            • Images must have all the background content removed.  

            Product Image Guidelines 

            See our product image guide for more info.

            • Upload A Zip file or,
            • Link to Google Drive/Dropbox Folder
              • Share access with or,
            • Let us use photos from your website
              • Provide website URL
            Image Size
            • 1050 x 1050 
            • Format .jpg or .png

            Brand Story 

            Your brand story are the facts and feelings that are created by your brand or product.  Your brand story is the reason people want to buy your brand or product. 

            Terms & Conditions

            • I agree not to take Oh Canada Markets products off the marketplace without notification
            • I agree to list my products at the same prices as my other sales channels
            • I understand that products returned may be donated to local charities
            • I understand and agree to Oh Canada Market Terms of Service and Brand Agreement
            • I understand and agree that by listing my images, I give Oh Canada Market permission to display this content on and it’s subsidiaries