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Hell is where website fails live....

Small business Canada

Just follow our "easy to use" set-up guide were the fatal words that plunged me into technical hell for two days.  What my lovely advisor failed to point out was the easy to use guide was for one specific scenario.  I followed the instructions (as I do with tech stuff ... that's why they write it, isn't it?) One step seemed odd ~ but not knowing enough I followed through.

Result? my website could not be found and despite my best efforts I had to go with a complete back to the beginning refresh on everything.  4 long hours later everything was working ... until I woke up and then privacy errors.  4 calls to my website team, my internet service later only to find all I needed was for my internet service to refresh my system.

Swearing was rampant.... eating cookies real.  Now everything is back to normal and all can say is despite my technical abilities I now understand why so many people end up having to pay someone to fix things after following that "easy to use guide" provided .  Be forewarned is all I can say.

Being a small business owner has you wearing many hats, and when things go wrong there is not usually anyone to call, unless you want to part with hard earned money.  No one will fix it if you don't and it can sometimes be a little daunting, overwhelming.

Being a boss babe is not for the weak.  It is for a lioness, a queen of the jungle. 

Be strong, everything will work out just fine. You got this.

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