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Minty Muse Cold Process Soap

Minty Muse is clean and fresh! Mint is just what comes to mind when thinking of winter snow the holidays. These make perfect secret Santa gifts.
"Cold process" is a traditional style of soaping that has been in use for thousands of years. While every style of soaping has its merits, the cold process method is generally considered to be by far the most natural way of making soap. These soaps are hand pored into wooden molds and once hand cut go through a "curing period" that ensures they are mild and last as long as possible. 
When your soap arrives open it up and let it breath. Did you know that exposing cold process soap to air lengthens the shelf life? It can also allow the bar to dry further meaning that when you go to use it it won't be used up as quickly.
Allow cold process soap to dry in between uses. Using a soap saver allows for drainage and allowing the soap to dry between uses helps it to last longer as well.
It usually takes 1-3 days to ship orders. All orders come with tracking. 
All orders are sent via Canada Post unless you request another courier. All bath bombs and soaps will arrive labeled in bio degradable shrink film. Paper is used to wrap each product for safe shipping. 
As with all of my products a free sample is included!         
The only plastic I use for shipping has been recycled, but if you would like plastic free, just ask.  I also use bio-degradable shrink wrap that can be tossed in the compost, but again if you don't want it, I can wrap in paper!