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*Show Special*: All bath bombs are $7.00 regardless of size!

Meadowfoam oil adds to the moisturizing effect to give you one of the most relaxing baths ever! Hand made to order, I only ever use the finest quality ingredients. Perfect for secret Santa gift giving during the holidays! It is also just the right size for a stocking stuffer.
*bath crumble now available!* I used to offer small stars to sprinkle into the tub but now with bath art being so popular I have decided to offer bath crumble.  You can mix multiple crumbles to create pretty bath art and unique scents. The great thing about this is that more crumble is offered in every package. This bath powder doesn't create bubbles but can be used in a foot soak or along with another bath crumble for added luxury.
Medium bath bombs are the perfect size for the average bath.
As with all of my products a free sample is included!          
As with all of my products a free sample is included!         
The only plastic I use for packaging has been recycled, but if you would like plastic free, just ask.  I also use bio-degradable shrink wrap that can be tossed in the compost, but again if you don't want it, I can wrap in paper!