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Apostle Boutique

Apostle Boutique

Apostle Boutique is a celebration of you - your passion, uniqueness and authenticity. It’s about celebrating the care, energy and emotion you invest into your daily life. This includes what you wear. It’s about making a statement that is unequivocally and wholly you.

Based in Calgary, Alberta, we are a finely-curated collection of classic, refined and exceptional jewelry from designers around the world, with a targeted focus on Canadian talent.

Here, there is no guessing game. There is simply beautiful jewelry matched with uncomplicated and personal service. From the moment you start shopping to the moment you receive your jewelry, your experience will be extraordinary. To assure this happens, we include multiple high-quality images of each item and examples of how each piece fits in real life.  We want to ensure that the jewelry you receive is exactly what you fell in love with. Because, after all, you should wear what you love - and love what you wear.





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