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Online Psychic Readings for YOU!

Do YOU want a psychic reading? Then, this is for you!

But *this* is no ordinary session - you have to make some choices:

- first, you must choose the proper oracle: you can select a card reading (using actual cards my gypsy grandmother gave to me when I was 9 years old; she was a Ukrainian woman who came here when she was nineteen and followed in the family traditions by giving readings),

- an astrology reading (based on the date of your birth),

- a numerology reading (based on your birth numbers),

- a crystal ball reading (usually, only after we have developed a relationship and I can use my intuition through the internet),

-then, you must have a specific question: this is NOT a session where I charge you for an hour of your time, and then sit and ramble on about your childhood! This is a 15-minute session where you get the answer to a specific question that is troubling you...

If this sounds like what you want, then FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW. This will take you to my calendar page where you can check my availability, and schedule in at the time that is right for you.

Book Your Psychic Reading Here