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Dairy Free Chocolate

Mom’s Survival pack

This is the perfect snack pack for when you just want a little bite of chocolate and don’t feel like opening up an entire bar.

Tuck this little bit of ethical chocolate-wrapped joy in your purse and go!

Organic | Direct Trade | Vegan | Gluten-free | Soy-free | Dairy-free | Keto (3 bars)

Includes: 11 small packs 15g,  includes Coconut Milk, Peppermint and Hemp Milk, Vanilla Chai Milk, Almond and Pink Salt, Raspberry and Camu Camu, Toasted Coconut Crunch, Sated Maca Crunch, Coffee and Cardamom, dark Vanilla and Salt, Sugar-free Vanilla and Lucuma, and our 100% Pure Dark chocolate