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A little Maple Cream

Maple butter is dairy free and made with 100% pure maple syrup, nothing else.  

Their maple syrup is artisan made, a family owned business and is made on their own farm with love and passion.  In a single blend, you can taste the "terroir" behind the farm, the type of soil, the mountainous terrain, the various brooks and the care a family takes into making it and their expertise.

Most maple syrup you find at the grocery store is sold by big packers. They buy a vast amount of drums from all over the country, some of it is good maple syrup, but they will also get a discount for buying previous year maple syrup and maple syrup with defects, at a big discount. Then, they blend the good maple syrup with the old and the defective maple syrup, they mix everything, and the defects become less noticeable. 

This syrup is from this year vintage and comes from a single day of boiling. You can taste 2 of the syrups and they will be both excellent, but the taste will vary based on the outdoor temperature and time of the season.  You can compare this syrup to a single blend whiskey, 1000 times better than a blend and more expensive.

They are now organic certified and take great pride in the way they manage their woodlands. They have a vast diversity of trees, of all ages and they take great care of the wildlife and its diversity. They do our woodcutting ourselves and leave a part of the logs in the forest for food for future trees and insects.