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Fulvic Care Powder

Fulvic Care Powder or Fulvic Tabs Plant-sourced humic-fulvic acid from the Ottawa Valley, Mother Earth's original superfood, provides a plethora of benefits including

> Increased hydration and oxygenation,

> Facilitates the detox of pesticides and heavy metals,

> Helps repel and expel viruses,

> Helps relieve inflammation and soreness,

> Balances hormones,

> Assists with cellular rejuvenation,

> Helps repair gut health,

> Enhances immunity From a pinch a day in the beverage of your choice, in a bath, or as a poultice or facial mask. This complex powder from Black Oxygen is the most powerful electrolyte in the world, with a Health Canada NPN certification, will enhance any health protocol, for any age human, or pet.