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The Perfect Gift for a Foodie

 Gift for a Foodie

Each week I bring you suggestions for the perfect gift.  My "Trina Approved" suggestions are not sponsored by anyone, I just love what I do.  I scour Canada for the best unique gifts that will show not only are you kind, but as well thoughtful.

I believe many of us are fortunate and it gives the opportunity to keep businesses thriving.  We hold the power with our wallets and where we chose to spend our money tells a lot about us.  Those utilitarian things we need for everyday (like toilet paper, batteries, and mops) are better left to the chain corporations.  People benefit when they can buy these things at a good price point.  The things that add beauty to our life, enhance it, make it easier and support our local community take more time, more thought, more effort.  For me, I appreciate the thought more than how much it cost. I already have all that I need.

From fancy gadgets, to gourmet food and unique snacks,  these perfect gift suggestions are sure to please the foodie in your life.

Foodies are sensory.  They like the feel, the taste, the look of the food.  This is why they obsess over the details, the little flowers, the colors that match the plates and the dish.  The way a food feels in their mouth and mixes flavours perfectly together. This is what gives them joy.  

A Sitting at High Tea

High tea started in the mid 1700's as a working man's meal.  They stood or used high stools to eat the meal that would help tide them over until supper.  The leisure class adopted the practice, needing something to sustain them until they could eat after the theatre or cards. High tea can be found in most cities and it is a wonderful, unique gift idea for the foodie in your life.  Filled with beautiful things, colors, smells and tastes, they are sure to appreciate getting this as a gift!

high tea oh canada market

Try A Meat Pie

Every city has farmers markets that have a stall that has the most delectable meat pies.  Sometimes, you can buy them hot and eat them on the spot.  Usually, you can buy them frozen in a multitude of flavours and varieties. Worried about buying a gift that needs to get in the freezer? Not to worry buy a gift card, even better, have someone far away? You can buy this in their local area and usually delivery is included!  They will be thanking you on the day they rush home with no time to make dinner and only have to pop one of these delights into the oven for a quick meal.  Pair it with a fun set of oven mitts, specialty salt from a place like Saltwest Naturals who crafts Canadian sea salt from Vancouver Island or specialty pepper like Kampot Pepper which has PGI certification, which is rare for a spice.

breathe kitchen (Alberta)

For Coffee Snobs

Most of us can not start our day without a cup of coffee.  It is what gets us fired up, turns the crank and gets us moving in our day.  A coffee snob loves nothing more than specialty coffee that has a story.  They delight in telling others the story behind the beans and why it tastes so good.  

red racoon coffee (Vancouver)

Unique  Drinks

Premium handmade fruit tea & ade from Ugly Jar is one example you can find of premium drink mixes that are handmade and locally sourced.  Pair it with a beautiful pitcher, mixing spoon and fun ice cube tray and "bob's your uncle" as they like to say.

ugly jar oh canada market

 Ugly Jar Premium Fruit Tea & Ade

The Gift of the Sea

Although the gift of the sea is not as readily available everywhere, each region has a local specialty that they are know for.  You can find catering, gift cards and purchase for immediate use.  Pair it with a beautiful set of of utensils, specialty spices, and a lovely bottle of wine and you might just get invited to share!

wandering mollusk (Victoria)


Main Image Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash  

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