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Steaped Slow Ceramics

Sara Scheuermann is the hands, heart and soul behind the wheel at Steaped Slow Ceramics.

She discovered clay 15 years ago at an evening pottery class. Pottery remained a hobby while Sara worked in the digital industry for many years as a User Experience Designer.

Like many other millennials, she began to feel disengaged with a world becoming more virtual. After a year of soul searching, which included a trip: to the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, a solo van life adventure to Canada’s East Coast and a self imposed seven days of solitude, she decided to quit her corporate 9-5 and follow her heart’s path.

She began making physical, handcrafted goods and selling her work at artisan markets. Here she discovered an established and growing movement of humans yearning for handmade, slow made, well crafted goods.  






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