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Luv the Oils

Luv the Oils

I make handmade natural wellness and wellness products infused with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils for the whole family.  

The story behind our ditch and switch!

Our business began with a desire to seek out natural remedies and toxin free products for ourselves and children. We witnessed the extraordinary power of plant based wellness and were inspired to share this with the world. We hand craft our essential oil blends, ready to use topically in roll ons, lotions, body butters, inhalers, lip balms, sprays, face and baby products. We’ve made the use of essential oils accessible, easy, and safe by taking out the guess work in counting drops and searching for essential oil recipes.

We have ensured that our essential oil blends are safely diluted and can be used on the whole family. We also source our essential oils from organic and 100% therapeutic grade suppliers which is a testament to our commitment to using the best quality essential oils on the market.

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