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Grano Lust

Julie Wiener

Like most hot encounters, this one happened in the kitchen.
Julie (a.k.a. the Lust Queen), a spirited entrepreneur with a degree in journalism and a 20-year career as a Senior Executive for a local fashion house, came by her sexy new title almost by accident. A foodie who had been casually indulging friends and family with her infamous, mouth-watering granola for years, Julie was innocently chatting with girlfriends one evening when the idea sparked. A mutual friend who owned Montreal’s hottest juice bar was looking for a new granola supplier, and all eyes were on her!

Granolust is a sinfully addictive collection of premium granola made with the finest vegan & gluten-free ingredients. Plant-based, non-GMO and made in Canada so you know it’s sexy, Granolust is the ultimate, guilt-free way to indulge. Fair warning – Granolust is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. Once you try it, you’ll find yourself physically yearning for your next batch. So go ahead. Devour it. You deserve it. We know you’ll be back for more.







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