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Aurora Baby Naturals

Aurora Baby Naturals

Aurora Baby Naturals is a small, family-run business located in Calgary, Alberta. We specialize in organic and natural baby and mother skincare products, cloth diapers and much more.

We are Tony & Lana - owners of Aurora Baby Naturals and parents of amazing little pumpkin Sophia.

When we were expecting Sophia, we found that vast majority of skin care products for pregnant moms are made with nasty chemical components. We found out how little control and testing is done on those chemicals and how hard and tiring it is to hunt down good, natural products. All that the big box stores would carry was riddled with various synthetic additives and there seemed to be no alternatives available. There were very few organic products to choose from and even then - none of them were easy or quick to get.

So we decided to change that.

In our store, we carry many organic & natural products for baby and mother. We decided to find smaller brands locally that actually do care about the natural ingredients that do no harm to baby and mother.

We select only the best things for Aurora Baby Naturals. We don't carry everything, we just pick the best. These are the products we love and use every day ourselves. The products we carry are both healthier and better for the environment.

Our store is located in Calgary, Alberta. From the beginning we decided that we are going to offer something that didn't exist in our beautiful city before - to have the ability to order organic and natural products and get them delivered to your doorstep in one day.

​Because local matters.

​Most of our brands are Canadian. We love our community and our city and want to see it thrive. That is the reason we think it is so important to support local businesses around you.

Sincerely yours,

 Tony, Lana, and Sophia​






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